Current Projects and Research Engineers

The Centre currently has over 45 Research Engineers as part of the CDT Applied Photonics and IDC Optical and Photonic Technologies programmes.

The following list details current projects. See also completed projects and alumni.

If you are interested in joining us and starting a new project, please refer to the project vacancies and new projects page.

Full name Industrial partner Project title
Munadi Ahmad STFC Development of the technologies and techniques required to increase the repetition rate of high energy lasers
Owen Anderson Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd An Investigation into the analysis of Computed Tomography images using Deep Learning methods.
Andreas Aßmann ST Microelectronics Arrayed LiDAR signal analysis for automotive applications
David Barr UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) Reducing adaptive optics latency using many-core processors
Ioannis Bitharas BAE Systems Visualising and optimising shield gas flows during high-value manufacture
Christopher Blackwell Holoxica Ltd, Scottish Microelectronics Centre Holographic 3D Displays
James Brooks Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Novel Dynamics in Mid-IR Solid-state lasers
Kyle Brown Thales UK, Glasgow Novel concepts for high performance opto-mechanical line of sight pointing applications
Natalie Bruce Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Hybrid UV LED/elastomeric bio-instrumentation
Tamer Cosgun AWE Development of Fibre-Based Gas Sensors for Inaccessible Locations
Jamie Coyle Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Compact and Low-cost Ultrashort pulse laser sources
Jonathan Crabb Gooch & Housego Next Generation Optical Communications for Satellites
Matthew Daykin Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd Machine learning of an anatomical atlas for computed tomography medical imaging
Mariastefania De Vido STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Development and application of high-energy, high pulse repetition rate diode-pumped solid state lasers
Leonardo Del Bino NPL Microresonator-based optical frequency combs
Thomas Dyer AWE Development & Integration of Optically Interrogated Diagnostics within Materials Ageing Experiments
Paolo Ercolino Thales UK, Glasgow New Concepts for compact LIDAR systems
Natalie Flaherty Thales UK, Glasgow Image Processing for situational awareness in urban environments
Jamie Foubister Optos plc Retinal scanning ophthalmoscope characterisation and optimisation
René Gaio Optocap Photonic Integration Chip (PIC) Optical Alignment and Interrogation
Riccardo Geremia Oxford Lasers Industrial Laser Microprocessing and Process Optimisation
Giovanni Giuliano BAE Systems Underwater optical communication systems
Juan Pedro Godoy Vilar Manufacturing Technology Centre Laser Surface Engineering for Enhanced Functional Performance
Russell Gordon Rolls Royce Automated extraction & characterisation of 3D defects from 2D data sets
Ben Gore UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) Adaptive optics and aberrations correction for super-resolution microscopy
Michele Guastamacchia STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Development and application of multifocal superresolution microscopy for cellular imaging
Yili Guo Powerlase Photonics Ltd Non-Linear Optics for High Power Solid State Lasers
Paul Harrison PowerPhotonic Ltd. Development, Production and Characterisation of Laser-Machined Micro-Optics
Liam Henwood-Moroney Gooch & Housego, Torquay Novel Components, Systems and Subsystems for Biomedical Imaging
Calum Hill Thales UK, Glasgow Fibre Laser Technology for Challenging Applications
Vladimirs Horjkovs Ametek Taylor Hobson Robust high dynamic range transducers for surface form and finish
Dominic Hunter Texas Instuments Chip-Scale Atomic Magnetometer for Ultra-Low Magnetic Field Detection
Eilidh Johnston Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Photonics in Life and Health
Antanas Kascenas Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd Learning from diverse data for Clinical Decision Support
Matthew Knights M-Solv Laser surface modification for control of functional materials deposited by inkjet
Aneta Lisowska Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd Machine learning from medical images: from photons to phenotype
Jack Marston EDF Energy Photonic sensing within civil nuclear infrastructure for lifetime extension and long-term structural health monitoring of de-commissioned plant
Daniel Marwick Malvern Instruments Ltd Diffraction Analysis for Particle Sizing
Gregory May-Wilson Rofin-Sinar Short pulse lasers for machining composite materials
Anna Michalska Renishaw Precision distance measurement for a harsh environment
Ben Michie AWE Distributed temperature and strain sensing within metallic ALM structures
Paul Mitchell Optoscribe Ltd 3D guided-wave photonics for next generation communications networks
James Morris Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Microfabrication of photonic devices for mid infrared optical applications
Rowan Pocock Optoscribe Ltd Advanced optical coupling solutions for datacenter transceiver platforms
Adam Polak Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Intelligent Mid-Infrared Active Laser-based Hyperspectral Imaging
Gary Quinn STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Development of a diode-pumped solid-state laser system operating at 10 J, 100 Hz.
Michael Reilly Leonardo High power and high energy lasers: new materials, laser device architectures and laser beam modelling
Gabriel Reines March NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde An investigation and development of techniques to improve cancer treatment through multi-modality image registration using a non-linear deformable model
James Sloan Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe, Ltd Registration in Medical Imaging
Marc Smillie Thales UK, Glasgow Passive Q-Switching of Solid State Lasers
Nicholas Smith Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Compact wind LIDAR: towards hand held remote sensing of wind
Adam Sroka Thales UK, Glasgow High Peak-Power Solid-State Laser Modelling
Neil Stevenson Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd High Power, Mid- and Deep-infrared Frequency Combs
Gediminas Sumskis Rofin Sinar A novel ultrafast laser tool for rapid precision machining of high value materials
Bence Szutor UniKLasers Ltd Single-Frequency Laser Engineering at Exotic Wavelengths for Quantum Technologies
Jack Thomas Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd Continuous-wave, pump-enhanced OPOs based on SDL pump sources
Bethany Thompson Canon Medical Research Europe Multitask Deep Learning from Images for Clinical Decision Support
Tamrha Thow Leonardo Radio Frequency Photonics for Multi-Function Sensor Systems
Stefano Valle Gooch & Housego Investigations into high performance Acoustic-Optic Tuneable Filters and their applications
Peter Wakeford Optos plc Automatic image quality assurance and root cause prediction of scanning systems
David Webb Nanoco Technologies The investigation and development of Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dot devices for use in the general lighting markets.
Michael Woodley National Physical Laboratory Interaction between Counter-propagating Light
Hollie Wright Renishaw Frequency-comb metrology for manufacturing II: Developing dual-comb distance metrology concepts and applications