Famelab Competition Final

Third year Research Engineer, Calum Hill made it to the Scottish Finals of the Famelab competition. 

Calum Writes :- 

Famelab is an international competition focused on science communication. It aims to encourage researchers to entertain and share their passion for science. You have 3 minutes to astound an audience by talking about a topic of your choice. I needed no further encouragement. 

The Glasgow heats were in December where I talked about invisibility cloaks and the link between science and magic. I dressed up as Harry Potter, cracked jokes and performed spells. It was great fun, terrifying, but great fun. A training session hosted at Heriot-Watt really helped me to think about public speaking as a performance and not to be scared of weird ideas. Clearly it worked as I made it to the Scottish finals at the National Museum. There I performed a 13 verse poem about the birth, life and death of our sun. Unfortunately I didn’t make it further in the competition, but I learned a lot. Public speaking is scary and hard, but the only way to get better is to practice. 10/10, I would try to make myself invisible to a crowd of strangers again!


If you are interested in entering into future Famelab competetions, more information can be found at famelab.org