Research & Innovation - Shaping Our Future

1st Year Research Engineer Christopher Blackwell presented at the "Research and Innovation - Shaping our Future" conference in Brussels. While at the conference Christopher demonstrated some holographic images of the brain to delegates which was featured in a Europost article (

Christopher Writies:-

I had an interesting experience at the conference. My time was split between standing at our exhibit and listening to the speakers in the conference itself, which was focused on the next EU research and innovation policies. While I admit that some of the policy discussion went over my head, much of it was interesting and gave the impression that the EU is increasingly committed to improving on its cutting-edge science and technology output. Of course with Brexit on the horizon it is uncertain how this will affect us directly, but it was still a positive attitude to see.

At our exhibit stand we had a range of static holograms on display and Javid's holographic HUD prototype from his own EngD, which drew a fair amount of attention. I found myself explaining to many people what the holograms were, the distinction between them and other 3D pictures, and what applications they had.

I would usually then conclude by demonstrating the HUD display with it dynamically showing a series of changing numbers on three distinct planes in free space, and explain that my project is to help design a display that fills the space between these planes - allowing the production of a full 3D image in mid-air, and the potential uses of such a display for military, medical and engineering visualisation.