EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation Exhibition

On 21st February, CDT Research Engineer Christopher Blackwell represented his sponsor company, Holoxica at the EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation Exhibition at the Royal Society in London. 

Christopher writes:-

'I was fortunate to attend the EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation Exhibition at the Royal Society in London, where several groups that had previously received EPSRC funding were encouraged to show off their research. We brought down several of our digital holograms to exhibit, as well as a prototype holographic heads up display. Pictures can never capture the full experience and depth of the holograms, but the official social media presence took a short video of the half-body hologram from different perspectives to better illustrate the effect (https://twitter.com/EPSRC/status/966307496561438720).

Our exhibit included several medical holograms and other digital holograms (centre, right), as well as the holographic HUD prototype (left).

The visual element of our exhibition made it particularly eye catching; throughout the day we had a busy time talking to interested attendees, answering questions on the how the technologies work and what the applications are, as well as how they could be of benefit in some of the diverse fields that the people came from. Unlike previous exhibitions I’ve attended, there was a higher level of technical knowledge present at the event so I gained more experience not only in providing layman explanations of holograms but then going into greater depth on how they are produced, the optics that underlies their function and so on.

Overall it was a very worthwhile experience that will undoubtedly be helpful for future events and outreach, as well as building up the reputation of the company.'