Annual Conference

EPSRC CDT in Applied Photonics Annual Conference

Friday 7 June 2019

Postgraduate Centre, Heriot-Watt University

Conference Schedule

0930   Coffee & Registration

1000   Welcome - Derryck Reid, Director, CDT in Applied Photonics

1005   Kristin Flegal - Imaging the brain: studying neural plasticity using fMRI, and other activity in the SINAPSE imaging research network

1035   Mariastefania De Vido - Design of a 10 J, 100 Hz nanosecond diode-pumped solid state laser
1045   Peter Wakeford - Optic disc and fovea localisation in ultra-widefield scanning laser ophthalmoscope images captured in multiple modalities
1055   Andreas Aβmann - Compressive super-pixel LiDAR for high-framerate depth imaging
1105   Christopher Blackwell - Volumetric 3D display based on diffractive chromatic dispersion
1115   Leonardo Del Bino - Symmetry breaking in microresonators
1125   Morning Coffee
Session Chair: Graham Turnbull (University of St Andrews)
1200   Hollie Wright - Development of fibre lasers for distance metrology in industrial applications
1210   Ben Gore - Adaptive optics and aberrations correction for super-resolution microscopy
1220   Juan Pedro Godoy Vilar - Impact of laser processing parameters in the anti-wetting transition of nanosecond laser generated textures
1230   Second year poster pitches
1300   Lunch & Second Year Posters
Session Chair: Gordon Flockhart (University of Strathclyde)
1400   Tom Empson - Optics for the Cloud
1430   Jack Thomas - Continuous-wave pump-enhanced optical parametric oscillator applied to mid-infrared photo-thermal spectroscopy
1445   Michael Reilly - Atmospheric turbulence mitigation via multimode coupler analysis
1500   Jonathan Crabb - CubeSat-Class laser transmitters: widening the space data bottleneck
1515   Munadi Ahmad - Development of the technologies and techniques required to increase the repetition rate of high energy lasers
1530   Matthew Daykin - Federated learning for medical imaging data
1545   Vladimirs Horjkovs - Robust high dynamic range transducers for surface form and finish
1600   Afternoon Coffee & Systems Engineering Posters. ‘Show and tell’ by Javid Khan, Holoxica.
Session Chair: Keith Wilcox (University of Dundee)
1630   Gabriel Reines March - Registration of pre-operative lung cancer PET/CT scans with post-operative histopathology maps
1645   Neil Stevenson - Generation and amplification of femtosecond pulses in the 2-2.1 μm region
1700   Riccardo Geremia - Dynamic laser pulse overlap effects during spallation patterning of metal thin films near ablation threshold
1715   Anna Michalska - A comparative discussion of selected optical methods for areal surface topography measurements
1830   Conference Dinner - Marriott Courtyard West Hotel (for Research Engineers and Invited Guests)






CDT in Applied Photonics Annual Conference

Date: Friday 15th June 2018

Venue: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Prof. Gail McConnell, University of Strathclyde

Dr. John-Mark Hopkins, Fraunhofer

Registration has now closed. If you would like to attend the conference, please contact us. 


The Annual Conference is held in early summer, in the lead-up to the annual registration event in September. The conference provides an opportunity for the Research Engineers to present their research work in the form of a poster or oral presentation. Topics typically include: optoelectronics, laser development, biophotonics, diffractive non-linear optics and sensors and signal & image processing.

If you are interested in taking part in a future project with us, either as a student or as an industrial sponsor, please come along.

Conference Schedule

0930 Registration

1000  Welcome - Prof. Derryck Reid, Director, CDT in Applied Photonics

1005 Guest Speaker 1 – Prof. Gail McConnell, 'Making and using an optical mesoscope for biomedical imaging'

1045 - 1115 4th year presentations

1115  2nd year poster pitches

1130  Morning Coffee

1200 - 1300  3rd year presentations

1300  Lunch

1400  Guest Speaker 2 – Dr. John-Mark Hopkins, 'The Full Spectrum at the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics'

1430 - 1600 4th year presentations

1600 Coffee & 1st year Systems Engineering Group posters

1630 - 1730 3rd year presentations  

1730  Close

1830  Conference Dinner (for Research Engineers and Invited Guests)


Past Conferences

2017 - Postgraduate Centre, Heriot-Watt University

The conference took place on 23th June 2017. Our Keynote Speaker was Dr. Christina Young, the Head of Technical Art History at the Centre for Textile conservation and Technical Art History at the University of Glasgow. Dr. Young’s talk explored the applications of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) as a non-invasive method of analysis in contemporary art conservation. 

Our third and fourth year Research engineers delivered presentations about their research. Presentation prize winners were Adam Polak for his presentation on “The use of Hyperspectral imaging for cake moisture prediction” and Jamie Foubister for “Spectral Auto-Florescence Imaging of the Retina for Drusen detection.”

Second year students presented posters and delivered one minute pitches about their research. The prize went jointly to Gabriel Reines March for “Correlation of Pre-Operative cancer Imaging Techniques with Post-Operative Gross and microscope pathologic Images”, and also to first year Mariastefania De Vido, who entered a poster at the conference on “Characterisation of adhesive-free bonded crystalline Yb:YAG for high energy laser applications.”

First years presented group posters based on the Systems Engineering projects they had completed at the University of Strathclyde. The group project winners were Hollie Wright, Ben Michie & Michael Woodley for their project on “Laser Cavity Stabilisation”

For more about the conference please see our 2017 handbook.



2016 - School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St. Andrews

The conference took place on 24th June 2016. Our keynote Speaker was Dr. Tom Brown of the University of St. Andrews. Dr. Brown talk was based on the reasearch he has been conducting in Antacrctica imaging zooplankton. You can view his full keynote here

The majority of the conference comprised of presentations conducted by our third and fourth year Research Engineers about their research. A prize was awarded to Howard Moshtael-Oskui for his presentation entatled 'Smart glasses as a reading aid for the partially sighted.’

Our second year research engineers produced posters and each gave a one minute pitch about their research. Aneta Lisowska was awarded a prize for her poster & pitch on ‘Deep learning in medical image analysis’.

First Year Research engineers produced posters based on group Systems Engineering Projects. The prize winners were Thomas Dyer, Neil Stevenson and Michael Reilly for their project ‘Optical interrogation of a MEMS-based spectroscopic gas cell’.

CDTAP handbook 2016 .pdf

2016 Conference Image Gallery

2015 - Postgraduate Centre, Heriot-Watt University 

The 1st Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics Annual Conference took place on 26th June 2015. Invited speakers were Prof Harold Haas, Chair of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, Dr Alex Ward of Razorbill Instruments, and Dr Stephen Webster of M Squared Lasers.

Research Engineers in first year prepared group posters based on Systems Engineering projects they had worked on at the University of Strathclyde. The group prize winners were Jamie Coyle, Calum Hill and Russell Gordon for their project on 'Closed Loop Control of Optical Fibre Intreferometer using myRIO/ PXI Hardware for Optical Sensing Applications.'

Second year Research Engineers prepared a poster and delivered a one minute pitch. The winner of the Best Poster prize was James Morris for his poster on 'Microfabrication of Photonic Devices in Chalcogenide Glass Substrates.'

Oral Presentations comprising the core of the conference were delivered by third year Research Engineers covering topics from micro-optics, quantum control, laser machining, optical sensing and metrology. The Best Presentation prize was awarded to David Webb for 'Quantum Dot Applications in Lightning.'

2015 Conference Handbook


The Industrial Doctorate Centre in Optics and Photonics Technologies Conference took place on 17 July 2014. Over 100 delegates attended the conference where the first year Research Engineers presented a poster and the 22 second and third year Research Engineers gave presentations.
The winner of the Best Poster prize was Gediminas Sumskis and the Best Presentation prize was awarded to Howard Moshtael-Oskui.
The key note speaker was Dr Fumi Kitagawa from Manchester Business School.

2014 Conference Handbook


2013 Conference Handbook



2012 Conference Handbook

A set of photos taken on the day at the 2011 Conference is available and includes photos from some of the talks and poster sessions.

EngD Conference July 2011 Discussions at EngD Conference July 2011 People at EngD Conference July 2011

For more information on the Conference or Appraisals, please contact the Centre Administrator.