Information for Partner Companies

“The CDT in Applied Photonics has given us access to talented individuals that have made significant contributions to our business through their drive to be innovative and explore new technologies.”
Company Perspective

The CDT in Applied Photonics works with companies developing photonics-enabled products and services, from consumer technology and mobile computing devices to healthcare and security. Each of our collaborations is built around an EngD or PhD student, providing them with Masters level technical and business qualifications, along with an industrially-connected doctoral research project. Our graduates are unique individuals, whose experience in the industrial research laboratory has been complemented by a combination of specialist courses in science, business and engineering.

EngD Most research in the Centre takes the form of EngD projects, in which a company is responsible for proposing and supporting the research project at their own facility. Foreground IP from the EngD project is assigned to the company.

PhD Companies can support a relevant PhD research project in a university laboratory, in return gaining early access to results, the potential to exclusively license foreground IP and the right to host the student at their site for 3 months of the project.


The Programme

The CDT in Applied Photonics 4-year commercially-focused doctoral degree for students who aspire to become future leaders in the field of optics and photonics. Our Research Engineers spend approximately 75% of their time conducting research at their Sponsor Company, and 25% of their time completing taught and professional skills courses. Technical courses take place at The Universities of Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde and MBA courses take place at Heriot-Watt University.



Each Student Research Engineer has a dedicated Academic Supervisor (based at the host University of the project) and Industrial Supervisor (based within the Sponsor Company). In conjunction with the Research Enginee, these two supervisors help to shape the research project.



Benefits of joining the Programme for the Sponsor Company

  • The research projects will offer real benefits to the company in terms of increasing the research portfolio in a cost-effective way.
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration with one of our five partner universities.
  • Opportunity to make contacts with other Sponsor Companies.
  • Option for existing company employees to study for doctoral degree while continuing employment.