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Compact Laser Sources for Quantum Enhanced Sensing
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Many sensors that utilise quantum technologies such as SPAD detectors and the properties of trapped atoms rely on laser systems in order to operate. These sensor technologies enable precision spectroscopy, imaging through turbid media and magnetometry. This project will capitalise on the ever increasing availability of emerging key components and sub-modules, to develop the next generation of laser technology suited for these applications with reduced size, weight, power and complexity compared to existing approaches. This project will examine and develop a range of novel diode-pumped, potentially wavelength flexible solid-state lasers that can operate with a single-frequency, continuous-wave or in the pulsed regime at specific wavelengths of interest tailored to the sensor. The laser systems will utlise bespoke and novel critical components such as diode lasers, filters and gain materials to achieve record-level performance worthy of learned publication. These lasers will be developed and optimised as part of full sensor systems with a range of key industrial partners suitable for commercialisation. Project work will involve design, implementation and characterisation of both the laser systems and full sensor systems.

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